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“When men begin to determine what is right and what is wrong, Oh my Goodness. Welcome to the City of Man…”

Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson has once again boldly gone were many fear to tread while addressing the moral decay of society in his new documentary the “Torchbearer.” Ahead of the film’s theatrical release, Robertson spoke with the media outlet The Hollywood Reporter unapologetically, discussing America’s hot-button social issues such as Controversial GOP candidate Donald Trump and the debate over transgender restrooms.

Making it abundantly clear that what we are witnessing is “depravity” going mainstream, Robertson told the outlet that America is ‘floundering in sin and ‘decadence.’

When asked what the Torchbearer is about, Robertson explained that when man removes God from the equation and denies the truth in favor of sin we are forced to see the horrific consequences of such action. From the rise of Hitler to the rise of ISIS, Robertson stated that the allowing man to decide what is wrong and what is right always ends in ‘carnage and murder.’

Man, there has been a slaughterhouse on planet Earth, and the common denominator is the removal of God. We’re killing babies in their mother’s womb now. You were in your mother’s womb, dude. If someone went in there and threw this future reporter away, you wouldn’t be talking to me, so give me a break.

Here is what Robertson had to say on Obama’s recent declaration about transgender restrooms in America’s schools.

Common sense tells you, you have a man in a bathroom, and the women have theirs, and they have their little daughters in there. Things have gone real well operating under that arrangement… 

There’s been a lot of decrees in the past five years that I don’t agree with, and that’s just one of them. I don’t know what percent of Americans are confused about whether they are male or female, but I’m a Bible man with common sense, and logic tells me you’re either a boy or a girl, absent a few medical aberrations.

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source: libertynews

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