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Slick Hilly “I Am Not A Crook”

If Hillary had testified under oath, that alone is reason for her to be in prison, but Pres. Obama’s FBI didn’t put Hillary under oath during her investigation.

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Back in the day, some people were appalled that Bill Clinton would look us in the eye and tell us such a brazen lie as “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” But by now we have been so bludgeoned with lies that we are accustomed to them.

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Hillary Emails

As Free Beacon notes regarding her established lie that she did not send classified emails on her private server, She claimed it during debates, at rallies, during press conferences, and in interviews with NBC, MSNBC, CBS and Fox News, among other media outlets. We counted 22 separate times Clinton has made that claim since her server came to light last year.

Hillary Clinton Aked About Potential Indictment

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If she has said it under oath, that alone is reason for her to be in prison, as the politicized FBI’s Director James Comey admits at 2:00 in the following video:

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President Obama’s FBI didn’t put her under oath when they interviewed her for the investigation. But she was under oath during her congressional Benghazi testimony last year, during which the email issue was discussed.

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source: moonbattery

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