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Obama Earns Grand Master Taqiyya Belt

This application of Taqiyya is performed optimally by none other than the Grand Master himself – Barack Hussein Obama.

Few presidents have relied upon oratory skill more than President Obama. A master at conflating national rhetoric, when it suits his needs; with his globalist vision, which also routinely capitalizes on doublespeak utilizing vernacular colloquialism. Mr. Obama effortlessly weaves middle America’s blue-collar concerns with the cerebral grandiloquence of social justice “Intersectionality” – his true lasting legacy. Skillful misdirection in conjunction with eloquent articulation have often resulted in victorious Marxist legislation / edicts – constitutional or not, in the name of “diversity” and “cultural enrichment.”

Savvy smokescreen now known as “social justice” oppression, adequately provided Mr. Obama efficient camouflage to serve two terms in office, albeit to a largely self-absorbed, uninformed populace. Apodictic students of Saul Alinsky, Team Obama create the problem, then ostentatiously ride in on the proverbial white horse to “solve” said problem – Mr. Obama’s signature move.

TNA foreign correspondent Alex Newman describes how and why globalists created the so-called “refugee crisis” by destroying various nations. He also explains how these insiders are using the chaos they unleashed — Europe is already on the brink — to consolidate power and smash national sovereignty.

Globalists Exploiting the “Refugee Crisis” They Caused

run time 6:41 seconds

Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste


A growing consensus of Americans feel something is suspiciously amiss. Is President Obama simply misunderstood or a skilled practitioner – a Grand Master – of Taqiyya.

Image result for you decide

run time 6:41 seconds

Bill O’Reilly has revealed two photos of Barack Obama claiming they were taken as the President attended his half-brother Malik’s wedding back in the early 90s, saying they show he has ‘an emotional attachment to Islam.’
Red, White, and Blue (091106-A-O0905-07)

FORT HOOD, Texas – The remains of the Nov. 5 massacre victims at Fort Hood are loaded aboard an aircraft before being flown to Dover Air Force Base, Del. Twelve Soldiers and one civilian were killed Nov. 6 at the post’s Soldier Readiness Processing Center. (U.S. Army photo by Sgt. John Ortiz)



Bob Allen writes, Can you imagine the response if a noted journalist had the guts to ask: “Mr. President, it is well-known you were educated in a Madrassa, and that Islam permits–even encourages and commends—lying (or Taqiyya). We could pick any of your numerous false statements over the past six years …“I’m referring to any number of statements. “Is considering Muslim ethics not a fair line of reasoning, given your background?”


What Is Taqiyya? Taqiyya (taqiya, taqiyah, taqiyyah) is a form of Islamic deception. The Quran (16:106 and 3:28) allows Muslims to lie in order to protect themselves or to protect the Muslim community. 

David Wood explains the Islamic doctrine of Taqiyya run time 5:50 seconds

Anti Jihad – Understanding The Enemy run time 7:19 seconds



Ex-DHS Whistleblower Philip Haney Testifies on America’s Willful Blindness to Jihad

run time 7:36 seconds

Red Corner – Philip Haney 

Blue Corner – Jen Johnson

Obtuse attempts by DHS underlings at verbal jousting with House Representatives have not fared well in the past or for that matter current DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson an oafish combative individual, adhering to the discipline of inflexibility during this often contentiously uncouth exchange with Senator Ted Cruz in the below video.

run time 9:53 seconds

It’s called “Taqiyya”  (Concealing, deflecting, & lying) and permitted if applied to “infidels” under Islamic doctrine, this example is flawless.

Image result for taqiyya contender

Muslim Advocates president and skilled Taqiyya practitioner Farhana Khera, engages Senator Ted Cruz in a cagey yet typical Taqiyya  exchange. Khera’s cunning deflections – while simultaneously refusing to directly answer questions – is the modern and preferred Taqiyya SOP (Standard  Operating Procedure). This tactic requires both an aptitude and years of verbal Jiu Jistu tutelage to display such a seminal level of proficiency. However, this application of Taqiyya is performed optimally by none other than the Grand Master himself – Barack Hussein Obama.

run time 7:21

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CBS NEWS BOMBSHELL : Obama Spent $770 Million in Taxpayer Cash to Renovate MOSQUES OVERSEAS.

There are more than 107 Islamist non-profit organizations in 29 states that financially support and are supported by the Muslim Brotherhood—and have ties to IS, Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and other terrorist groups. These organizations sponsor conferences, workshops, speakers, and materials advancing Muslim Brotherhood teachings and Islam.

Islam literally means “submission:” submission to Allah and the Qur’an. The Muslim Brotherhood’s motto is: “Allah is our objective; the Prophet is our leader; the Qur’an is our law; Jihad is our way; dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.”

Through social networking and multi-media, these “non-profit” organizations reach millions of young adults, families, educators, and cultural leaders beyond their local communities, inspiring them to use “taqqiya,” Qur’an-sanctioned deceit to promote Islam as a “religion of peace.” … read more

Related: Black Lives Matter teams up with CAIR for “revolution.”

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