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Idaho Muslim Sex Assault And The Chobani Effect

If, as some claim, the politicians and bureaucrats in Twin Falls, Idaho are directly connected through business and financial dealings with the Chobani Food Service plant, it is corruption and criminality that is serving the furtherance of the Islamification of North America.

“When ye encounter the infidels, strike off their heads till ye have made a great slaughter among them, and of the rest make fast the fetters.” “And whoso fight for the cause of God, their works he will not suffer to miscarry…he will bring them into the Paradise, of which he hath told them.” “But as for the infidels, let them perish: and their works shall God bring to nought.” (Sura 47:4,5,6 – MOHAMMED)

Idaho Yogurt and Muslims – run time 5:46 seconds

What you need to know about Wilson-Fish 

 Idaho is a Wilson-Fish state, which means the state of Idaho government itself (including elected officials) have absolutely no say in the program. 

Refugee resettlement is a complete abrogation of State’s rights under the US Constitution, but has never been challenged as far as we know.

Screenshot (66)The Chobani Yogurt Plant in Twin Falls, Idaho is owned by the personable Billionaire CEO Hamdi Ulukay who has deep ties to the Clinton Global Initiative and Clinton Campaign. The Chobani plant has purportedly excised considerable influence on Twin Falls local government and police agencies to facilitate the multitude of Muslim requests immediately … and in at least one case, circumventing city and county inspections, licensing, and standard permit procedure approval. A Twin Falls Mosque was reportedly approved  On Dec. 9, 2015 as members of the Islamic Center of Twin Falls, applied for a special use permit to expand and erect a new building on their site at 455 Addison Ave. The permit was approved the same day (even as Christian bias escalates  56 of 10,801 Syrian Refugees were Christians).

Screenshot (59)Think about that for a moment, a permit given to a political group, a permit for a Muslim Mosque with no review process, no public consultation, no impact studies, while excluding other processes that provide checks and balances before approving such a significant change to the local Neighbourhoods and community. This overt preferential treatment supplies Chobani Food Services not only with a ready “refugee” work force, but with the ignorance of a growing number of crimes committed by Muslims and the “refugees.”

Screenshot (62)

The Chobani yogurt company has received well over 54 million dollars in federal, state taxpayer-funded grants and subsidies. The city of Twin Falls allowed Chobani to avoid 8 million dollars in building, sewer and impact fees and instead Billed the taxpayers of Twin Falls over 6.5 million dollars for sewer upgrades.

Screenshot (78)

Source: Southern Idaho Economic Developement Organization

Politico writes: Lobbying shop Liz Robbins Associates has inked two new clients, including a popular Greek yogurt maker. Robbins will lobby on behalf of Chobani and Pave, a startup student loan company. Pave — unsurprisingly — is lobbying on student loan issues, while Chobani is lobbying on food and nutrition issues. Robbins is the only lobbyist listed on either contract. 

The annual lobby efforts proved profitable for the Chobani Yogurt Plant and its  Billionaire owner (Lobbying Expenditures 2012 – 2016). 

CNN’s Genial Report: Billionaire fills his plants with refugees.

The political catalyst, aside from the Obama administration, responsible for the influx of African and Middle Eastern “refugees” in Twin Falls Idaho is the liberal College of Southern Idaho. The taxpayer-funded costs of the CSI program has exceeded over 4.6 million dollars and that doesn’t include law enforcement and judicial costs.

Related: U.S. Doesn’t Track if Millions in Biz “Loans” to Refugees on Public Assistance are repaid. Bribery and Kickback Schemes Plague Syrian Relief Program Funded With Tax Dollars.

In many ways this corruption and criminality is a mirror image of the corruption displayed by the police officers, judges, bureaucrats and politicians of Europe, resulting in mass rape, assaults, and killings.

If, as some claim, the politicians and bureaucrats in Twin Falls, Idaho are directly connected through business and financial dealings with the Chobani Food Service plant, it is corruption and criminality that is serving the furtherance of the Islamification of North America.

Below is the contact information of some of the Twin Falls, Idaho, politicians, bureaucrats, and law enforcement/court officials who are in full support of the Islamification of Twin Falls. These are officials who ignore crimes of the “refugees’ and Muslims.

UPDATES: – Twin Falls Refugee Child Rape Case Deepens.

WND Reports on  $$$ Ties To Twin Falls – Mayor Barigar “lured” Chobani to Twin Falls.


Screenshot (74) Shawn Barigar
(Husband of Camille Barigar)
Mayor, Twin Falls, Idaho, USA
Email: sbarigar (at)
PH – 1-208-735-7287
President, Twin Falls Chamber of Commerce
Email: shawn (at)
PH- 1-208-733-3974


Camille Barigar – Promo
(Wife, Twin Falls Mayor, Shawn Barigar)
Fine Arts Special Events Coordinator
College of Southern Idaho, Idaho
(This college hosts the “refugee” center)
Office: Fine Arts 78
Phone: 1-208-732-6288
Email: cbarigar (at)

Screenshot (92)Suzanne Hawkins

Vice-Mayor, Twin Falls, Idaho
PH- 1-208-734-7742
Email: shawkins (at)
Owner, Computer Connection (Computer Repairs)
Twin Falls, ID 83301-3305
PH- 1-208-734-7742
Email: support (at)

Nikki Boyd Nikki Boyd 
Councilwoman, Twin Falls, Idaho
Nikki and Jim Boyd, owners of Weathervane Homes, (builders)
Email: jim (at)
PH- 1-208-308-1439
PH- 1-208-735-7287
Email: nboyd (at)
Owner, Twin Falls Real Estate Co, Inc
Twin Falls Id 83301
PH- 1-208-308-1429
Email: nikki (at)
Member, Association of Idaho Cities

Screenshot (13)Greg Lanting

Councilman, Twin Falls, Idaho
PH- 1-208-735-7287
Email: glanting (at)
Greg Lanting, was for over 20 years, a social studies teacher and principal at the Filer Middle School in Twin Falls, Idaho and Former Mayor.
Greg Lanting is now the president of the Association of Idaho Cities.
PH: 1-208-344-8594
Email: glanting (at)

 Chris Talkington 
Councilman, Twin Falls, Idaho
President of RAFBHA (Ramey Air Force Base Historical Association)
Wife: Catherine Talkington (ran for Idaho legislature 2016, defeated)
Catherine Talkington, active participant/supporter CSI Refugee Center
Both Chris and Catherine Talkington are hard Left Democrats. Both support Barack Obama’s “DREAM ACT”, the dismantling of the USA immigration system and the removal of America’s borders. Both can be considered detrimental to the national security and sovereignty of the USA. (LeRoy Hayes, husband of Deborah Silver, is the campaign treasurer for Catherine Talkington in her run for the Idaho Legislature)
PH: 1-208-735-7287
PH: 1-208-733-3581
Email: catherinetalkington (at)
Email: ctalkington (at)


The MVRA of Twin Falls, Idaho is the creation of Deborah Silver.

Deborah Silver is married to LeRoy Hayes. They both work as accountants. They own Hayes and Silver CPA located in Twin Falls, Idaho. Deborah Silver married LeRoy Hayes on August 21, 1976. Originally known as Mrs. LeRoy Hayes,

Deborah Silver, aka: Deborah Silver Hayes

 Ms. Silver, a lifelong democrat and advocate for the removal of the US Immigration system and America’s borders, insists on ignoring the extensive damage her political activities are doing to Twin Falls, Idaho and the USA.

Screenshot (70)Deborah Silver
serves on the Board of Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest, helping oversee abortion clinics in three states including Idaho, Washington and Alaska, Silver’s outfit spends a considerable amount of money exporting abortion into Africa and Central America. The state’s media has failed to report on any of this.

Deborah Silver donated heavily to Barack Obama’s two election campaigns.

Deborah Silver ran for a seat on the Idaho Senate. Deborah Silver is a threat to the national security and sovereignty of the USA and is an extremely pernicious activist.

LeRoy Hayes is Deborah Silvers’ campaign treasurer in her run for Idaho Treasurer and Senate. LeRoy Hayes is listed as the campaign treasurer for many Idaho democrats.

Deborah Silver Hayes / LeRoy Hayes
Owner: Hayes and Silver CPA, Twin Falls Idaho
Business address: 2188 Addison Ave E, Twin Falls ID, 83301
Business PH: 1-208-736-3711
Business PH: 1-208-734-0598
Business PH: 1-208-420-1663
Business PH: 1-208-420-7999
Email: deborahsilver (at)
Email: leroyhayes (at)


This is the center that is actively engaged in the flooding of the Twin Falls, Idaho area from Africa and the Middle East, with what amounts to U.S. entry with no certainty as to what the Muslim refugees undocumented pasts truly are.

Most are male, of military age, with no skills, minimal to zero education, Sharia compliant, historically refuse to assimilate into society, and are hostile to western culture. They are now currently resettling in a neighborhood near you – what possibly could go disastrously wrong.

Director, Zeze Rawasama
Email: zrwasama (at)    Screenshot (88)
Ph: 1-208-736-2166 (ex 119)

CSI Refugee Center
1526 Highland Ave. E.
Twin Falls, Idaho 83301
Phone: 1-208-736-2166
Fax: 1-208-736-4711


Screenshot (76)This is a community college located in Twin Falls, Idaho USA. This college and its faculty and staff are hardened Marxists. All of the usual suspects can be found here from the SJW’s, to the OWS, La Raza, New Black Panther and BLM movements. This college fully supports the dismantling of America’s immigration system, the releasing of all terrorist/activists from US prisons and the eradication of all of the American borders.

This college is particularly sympathetic to all Muslim political activity and views Islamic terrorism, domestically and internationally, as the justified reward of all non-Muslims. This college and its senior faculty are the driving force behind the flooding of Twin Falls Idaho with the very worst and criminal elements from the Middle East and Africa.

The president of the College of Southern Idaho, Dr. Jeff Fox, is on record as welcoming mass immigration, without checks, to the USA from the Middle East and Africa. In short, the senior faculty and administration of the College of Southern Idaho can be considered a clear and lethal threat to non-Muslims and the national security and sovereignty of the United States of America.

All groups and individuals concerned about the United States of America and the preservation of its constitution, culture and freedoms should consider this college and its staff as ruinous and seditious.

College of Southern Idaho Faculty
315 Falls Avenue
Twin Falls, ID, USA, 83301-3389
PH: 1-208-732-6221

Screenshot (90)Dr. Jeff Fox, President
Email: jfox (at)
PH: 1-208-732-6220

ToddSchwarzDr. Todd Schwarz

Executive Vice President/Chief Academic Officer
Email: tschwarz (at)
PH: 1-208-732-6325

Jeff HarmonJeff Harmon Vice President of Administration
Email: jharmon (at)
PH: 1-208-732-6210

 Dr. Michelle Schutt
Associate Vice President of Student Services
Email: mschutt (at)  PH: 1-208-732-6863

Curtis H. Eaton Special Assistant to the President
Email: ceaton (at)
PH: 1-208-732-6242


Dr. Cindy Bond
  Dr. Cindy Bond

Instructional Dean
Email: cbond (at)
PH: 1-208-732-6454



Elected as the Twin Falls, Idaho Prosecuting Attorney, who excuses and mitigates the crimes of the Muslim/Refugee (Sudanese) that sexually assaulted a 5-year-old child. Grant Loeb is a full supporter of Islamic culture and dismisses the sexual assault of the 5-year-old girl as “cultural diversity.” Grant Loeb has dragged his feet and refused to prosecute anyone indirectly or directly responsible for the sex assault and urinating on a 5 year old girl. Grant Loeb refers to those persons who object to Muslim acts of violence and murder as “extremists” and “a disgruntled few.”

Screenshot (25)Grant P. Loebs, Prosecuting Attorney
425 Shoshone St. North, 3rd Floor
P. O. Box 126
Twin Falls, ID 83303-0126
Email: gloebs (at)
PH-Criminal 1-208-736-4020
PH-Civil 1-208-736-4190
FAX- 1- 208-736-4120


Formerly chief of police of Nampa Idaho, Craig Kingsbury and his police officers, much like those in Dearbornistan, Michigan, are openly sympathetic to and in full support of the Obama Administration and of the flooding of the city of Twin Falls and greater Idaho area with jihadists and Islamic “refugees” from Africa and the Middle East. These police officers and their chief purposely dragged their feet and refused to properly investigate the Muslim sex assault of the 5-year-old girl in Twin Falls, Idaho. Police Chief Craig Kingsbury and many of his senior police officers/detectives have links to the Muslim owned Chobani yogurt manufacturing plant in Twin Falls and are purportedly indebted to its owners and management.

Chief of Police, Craig Kingsbury
Mailing Address: PO Box 3027
Twin Falls, Idaho 83303
Physical Address: 356 3rd Ave East
Twin Falls, Idaho 83301
PH: 1-208-735-7242
PH: 1-208-735-7243
Email: ckingsbury (at)
Email: abarnhart (at)
Email: bmittelstadt (at)
Email: cstotts (at)
Email: creynolds (at)
Email: dlewin (at)


These sheriffs, like the Twin Falls police department, are openly sympathetic to, and in full support of, the Obama Administrations Islamic “refugee” resettlement program in Idaho from Africa and the Middle East. This sheriffs office purposely dragged their feet and refused to properly investigate the Muslim sex assault of the 5-year-old girl in Twin Falls, Idaho. Sheriff Tom Carter has links to the Chobani yogurt manufacturing plant in Twin Falls.

Sheriff Tom Carter
Deputy Sheriff
PH- 1-208-736-4177
Email: twinfallscoso (at)
Email: mcase (at)
Email: tcarter (at)
Email: dbrown (at)


Alex Riggins has written several stories on the Muslim/Sudanese sex assault of the 5-year-old girl in Twin Falls, Idaho. Perhaps you can contact Mr. Riggins and point out the differences between unbiased journalism and propaganda.

An extensive number of stories on this and other “refugee” issues in Idaho can be found at

Alex Riggins,
Crime Reporter
Email: ariggins (at)

Chobani Yogurt edited from  Bloomberg report – June 30th on the “Obama Call to Action.”


 American Muslims celebrating 9/11 – Has America Learned Nothing?

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Related: Ohio man indicted on terror charges accused of plotting to kill case judge.

Related: Syrian refugee in Germany arrested after killing pregnant woman in machete attack.

℘Update: Now German police say Cologne mass sex assaults involved 2,000 “refugee” men.

Of the 131 individuals who have been implicated in terrorism cases since March of 2014, “at least one is an illegal alien, four are refugees, 17 have permanent resident status (green card), 27 are naturalized citizens born abroad, and 16 were born in the U.S to non-U.S citizens,” according to The Daily Caller.


Sources: Josh Willows via themuslimissue, WND, csi.ed,,,, refugeeresettlementwatch, creeping,,,,,thefederalistpapers


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