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Crusty White Liberal Bias

In a droll case of ironic cosmic hypocrisy, comedian Jerry Seinfeld has railed against the P.C. culture, alongside fellow buffoon and loathsome atheist Bill Maher. Admittedly, at times I have wondered what color the sky is in their cockamamie world.

Sheila Gunn Reid reports, after seeing a hateful anti-Christian tweet sent out by Kris Wells, the man who authored the Alberta Government’s homophobic and transphobic bullying and gay-straight alliance resources, Sheila conducted a social experiment to see if and when, the media would report his ghoulish Tweet … She’s still waiting.

Screenshot (57)In a droll case of ironic cosmic hypocrisy, comedian Jerry Seinfeld has railed against the P.C. culture, alongside fellow buffoon and loathsome atheist Bill Maher. Admittedly, I have at times wondered what color sky is in their cockamamie world. Completely and utterly oblivious to their responsibility in shaping America’s culture, both Seinfeld and Maher have diligently incorporated humor and material satire to advance a liberal politically correct America, albeit Seinfeld’s wit displayed less venom than the militant Maher, the resulting product of today’s malignant “social justice” derangement nevertheless was thoughtfully crafted, carefully groomed, enthusiastically produced by these men – and voraciously consumed by millions of naive viewers worldwide. If your recollection is foggy, YouTube is full of examples.

Seinfeld Show Tagline – “Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That.”

 Screenshot (55)Elaine’s (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) pro-abortion character aggressively flaunted her promiscuous lifestyle, the hands up defense of homosexuality “Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That” introduced an entire generation to homosexual tolerance, providing the liberal text-book response to

homosexual critics, essentially establishing the foundation of yesterdays benignant attitude towards same-sex “marriage” and today’s current “transgender mania” sweeping the nation. As Pastemagazine states: Seinfeld never shied away from pushing the boundaries of what was acceptable subject matter for prime-time network television, and “The Contest” saw the show at its most risqué. In fairness, Seinfeld does not hold a monopoly of willful blame, Hollywood has groomed generations of Americans to accept and ideally embrace liberal progressivism.

FRIENDS, also customarily labeled as “edgy,” is basically a social justice carbon copy duplicate of the Seinfeld doctrine, (among countless other PC agenda driven television shows) and served as camouflage to nurture and foster a steady diet of liberal ideology, once again presented in humorous side-splitting obstreperous hilarity … that is maturing with sobering apprehension today – to the feigned ambivalence of both Seinfeld and Maher. Hollywood produces a toxic libation of immorality, often baby steps at first but eventually metamorphosing into a severely stunted nation of vile reprobates. Predictably, late night court jesters pertinaciously continue their dutiful hoisting of the progressive banner nightly, yet shake their collective apathetic heads in dismay at today’s societal implosion. In fairness the cast of Seinfeld, Friends, and Maher do not hold sole blame for America’s noxious condition. But the salient footprints of responsibility lead past the limousine liberals mock indignation, and directly to their safe, secured, shuttered mansions.

Masquerading as authorities on cultural savoir-faire, Hollywood vermin now seek to champion gun control. The hypocrisy would be amusing if not so tragic.

Hollywood hypocrites Baffled On Gun Violence – “Demand A Plan For Gun Violence.”

The Christians Respond

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