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Millennials Stupified By Hillary’s Scandals

Throughout the 2016 campaign, one of the biggest problems facing Hillary Clinton’s campaign has been her apparent inability to gain the trust of voters.

Hillary's Crooked House

Millennials can’t distinguish Democrats, Socialists

2016 08 01 9e298a6b largeThroughout the 2016 campaign, one of the biggest problems facing Hillary Clinton’s campaign has been her apparent inability to gain the trust of voters.

Republican Donald Trump has capitalized on this problem and constantly referred to former Secretary of State Clinton as “Crooked Hillary”, and is even giving an entire speech this afternoon to highlight her “failed policies and bad judgment.”

Is this an effective strategy? Do young voters know—or care—about Hillary’s past missteps?

Campus Reform hit the streets to find out, and the results were fascinating.

Nearly every young person we spoke with was shocked to learn that the list of quotes presented to them belonged entirely to Hillary Clinton and not Donald Trump.

“Which candidate made a joke about colored people time saying that black people are always late?” Campus Reform asked.

“Trump… because he’s racist,” one student responded.

“Which candidate suggested a 12 year-old rape victim made up accusations because she enjoyed ‘fantasizing about older men’,” we asked.

Students were again shocked to discover the answer was not Trump, but Hillary.

“What she said about the rape victim was the worst,” a student replied.

“She’s kind of a sketchy person because she is about feminism and everything, but then I saw this quote,” another noted with a sense of betrayal.

Upon discovering that Clinton is more than capable of matching Trump in the insensitivity department, many students admitted that their opinion of her had soured.

“Makes me dislike her even more I guess,” one offered, while another stated that “she’s very untrustworthy in my eyes.”

One student disgustedly speculated that “She’s just going with whatever is hot at the moment.”

Summing up the reactions, one respondent explained that “if she claims to stand for all these things, but then she says the opposite, then people would probably question voting for her.” … read more

Credit: Campusreform

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