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Idaho Muslim Refugees Molest Child

It’s an Arab rape game called Taharrush, and now it has come to Europe and America as western politicians embrace “multicultural tolerance” draped in politically correct diversity. Imported through poorly vetted Syrian refugees, the attacks range from sexual molestation to rape. Most are male, of military age, with no skills, minimal to zero education, Sharia compliant and historically hostile to western culture. They are now currently resettling in a neighborhood near you – what possibly could go disastrously wrong. The “rape game” Taharrush is about a large group of Arab men surrounding their victim, usually a Western woman or a woman wearing Western-style clothing, and then the women are subjected to sexual abuse.
Obama Refugees 2 They surround the victim in circles. The men in the inner circle are the ones who physically abuse the woman, the next circle are the spectators, while the mission of the third circle is to distract and divert attention to what’s going on.

If there is enough men, the woman is dragged along by the mob, while the men take turns ripping her clothes off, grope her, and inserting fingers in her various body orifices.

Taharrush is noted in Egypt as a kind of “lighter sexual abuse or gang rape” and occurred during the Egyptian Revolution (The Arab Spring) of 2011 in the unrest at the Tahrir Square, where Egyptian women and in some cases foreign journalists were surrounded by groups of men, often having been touched with sexual intent and partly undressed, stripped naked and gang raped.

In her first television interview since being sexually assaulted, CBS News chief foreign correspondent and “60 Minutes” reporter reveals what happened to her in Tahrir Square in an interview with Scott Pelley.

Muslim brags of 7-man Gang Rape of young German Virgin Girl, “full of Dirt and Sperm”

¦ explicit language ¦

Obama Refugees

Iraqi woman with son at Fawnbrook Apartments in Twin Falls, Idaho. The federal government has resettled more than 300 Iraqi Muslims in Twin Falls since 2009

Iraqi woman with son at Fawnbrook Apartments in Twin Falls, Idaho. The federal government has resettled more than 300 Iraqi Muslims in Twin Falls since 2009.Below, feckless Twin Falls city council members wallow in fatuous self-righteousness while pleading oblivious to media reports of a child assault by Muslim immigrants on their watch, and are simply stupefied in a colossal display of myopic ignorance in the often contentious and patronizing exchange with concerned citizens voicing frustration regarding Syrian Refugees resettling into Idaho and states across the nation as part of President Obama’s refugee importation program. Incidentally, the refugee importation program being implemented coincides with the Obama administrations continued efforts to ramp up its gun control efforts despite the Constitutional right of law-abiding citizens to bear arms. Meanwhile, available refugee assistance at taxpayer expense continues its unimpeded effusion. Since September 11, 2001, the U.S. has resettled about 1.5 million immigrants from Muslim nations. Some 90 percent receive food stamps, and 70 percent are receiving free healthcare and cash welfare.

Idaho Burka


Purportedly, burka clad woman is the mother of one of the three Muslim boys accused in the sexual assault of girl in Idaho.



TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) We’re following up on a story we brought you earlier this month regarding an alleged rape that occurred near the Fawnbrook apartments.

An eyewitness tells us that at 12:30 p.m today, two police cars arrived at the apartment complex.

Prosecutor Grant Loebs will not release any information when asked if warrants were issued today.

At this time we know that the case has officially been sealed by a judge with no chance of it ever being unsealed since all parties involved are minors.

This means none will be charged as adults.

A few weeks ago there were several unconfirmed reports concerning the case circulating on social media which left much of the public concerned and confused.

Contentious and Patronizing Twin Falls City Council Members

UPDATE  EXCLUSIVE AUDIO: Eyewitness Confirms Allegations 

℘UPDATE: Muslim child sex-assault suspects back on streets of Idaho.

Petition created demanding accountability from Twin Falls Council Members.

Related: Rise in disease as subsidized refugee migrants flow into the United States.

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