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2nd Amendment Right – R.I.P.

The interpretation of the 2nd amendment has fallen to SCOTUS, who narrowly (5-4) upheld the American citizens right to bear arms, despite a plethora of backdoor firearms regulations activists continue to champion.

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Ted Nugget vs. Piers Morgan on 2nd Amendment

10064146-thomas_jefferson_quotation_on_gun_rights_gift_box-r0950d64023f24b9e83928b6cf97012e5_agl0v_8byvr_512 The word “globalization” is a very recent term, only establishing its current meaning in the 1970’s. Global Governance or World Governance is a movement towards political integration of transnational actors aimed at negotiating responses to problems that affect more than one state or region. It tends to involve institutionalization. These institutions of global governance—the United Nations, the International Criminal Court, the World Bank, etc. In response to the acceleration of interdependence on a worldwide scale, both between human societies and between humankind and the biosphere, the term “global governance may also be used to name the process of designating laws, rules, or regulations intended for a global scale. In the U.S. when anti-gun advocates first started their efforts to curb the Second Amendment, they were focused on the federal level. Whether it be national or global decree, total and complete gun control will be implemented eventually.

 American sovereignty is eroding with alarming alacrity as illegal immigrants numbering in the tens of millions – no accurate number is even known –  continue flowing across the southern border emboldened by both open border activists and the Obama administrations impeachable refusal to secure the southern border … not to mention untold numbers of unvetted Syrian refugees  approved for U.S. entry with  no certainty as to what the Muslim refugees undocumented pasts truly are.

Most are male, of military age, with no skills, minimal to zero education, Sharia compliant , historically refuse to assimilate into society, and are hostile to western cultureThey are now currently resettling in a neighborhood near you – what possibly could go disastrously wrong.

College Students Know Nothing About the Guns They Want Banned ⇐

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The Declaration of Independence is now deemed racist by low information voters who continually reelect the very traitors sworn to uphold The Constitution. Modern luxuries produce weak and lazy men as opposed to self-reliant and independent men. Aging overweight Americans addicted to large screen T.V.’s, fast foods, instant gratification, and technology will, like Britain, relinquish their firearms – albeit some bloody exceptions – with meek compliance as The Constitution is now a “living” document — Checkmate.

                                                                       ‹ Armenian Genocide 

The largest obstacle to gun control in the U.S. has been the Constitution’s 2nd Amendment: It states, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” The interpretation of the 2nd amendment has fallen to SCOTUS, who narrowly (5-4) upheld the American citizens right to bear arms, despite a plethora of backdoor firearms regulations activists continue to champion.

The Armed Citizen: Fight Crime By Fighting Back

Gun Control_Jefferson

DNC Platform Committee Member Doesn’t Think “Anyone Should Have A Gun”

Hillary On Backdoor 2nd Amendment “Regulations”

Cartoons: Michael Ramirez for June 17, 2016

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  Of course gun control advocates point toward modern technological advances including high velocity semi automatic weapons to buttress feigned concern for public safety and security, while simultaneously declaring there is nothing to fear from Islam, as Mexican drug cartels assisted by illegal Mexican gang members living openly in America’s sanctuary cities, fearlessly murder American citizens on what was once sovereign American soil.


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Katie Couric spotlights gun control activism

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