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Can I Identify As A Billionaire?

If we, as a society, are going to define sex as a personal choice, how can we deny the claims of those who do not accept the race they were assigned at birth?

If one’s sex is a choice, why not one’s age? It might sound absurd, but, given that logic, why can’t a white person claim the benefits of affirmative action or a middle-aged man demand Medicare and Social Security?

BLM -Rachel Dolezal…………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
Rachel Dolezal identified as black, and when her “deception” was revealed, she was pilloried as poseur, forced to resign her NAACP post in disgrace. Anthony Quintano AP

A dispute about bathroom rights turned into a Pandora’s box of philosophical riddles about the nature of identity and the meaning of truth on May 13 when the Departments of Justice and Education issued a letter prohibiting “discrimination based on a student’s gender identity.”

The letter defines gender identity as “an individual’s internal sense of gender.” It also states “there is no medical diagnosis or treatment requirement that students must meet as a prerequisite to being treated consistent with their gender identity.”

Let’s unpack this. Medically, transgender feelings are defined as a condition, gender dysphoria, with a range of recommended treatments. These can include psychological counseling, hormone therapies or even surgery. Doctors are not sure whether transgender feelings are consistent with mental health.

Biology Deniers

Gender is a social construct that refers to the fluid range of expected behaviors taught to boys and girls. The most obvious examples are “appropriate” clothing and make-up. At a time when many boys mousse their hair and wear not one but two earrings and when more men are staying home to care for their children, it is clear that gender markers and roles are in flux. 

As a sign of its politically correct confusion – and its legal gymnastics – the administration’s letter describes the biological fact of sex as a societal choice: a “person’s sex,” it claims, isn’t observed but “assigned at birth.” It engages in this sleight-of-hand because the 1972 law whose authority it is using, Title IX, mentions only sex, not gender, and so it must equate the two … read more

Dog stupid

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Source: newsobserver
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