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Idaho Citizens Zero In On Target

“I am a Bible believer!” states Glenn from Coeur D’ Alene, Idaho on a cloudy Sunday afternoon. Braving chilly May conditions, Glenn briefly explained his animus. The receptacles of Glenn’s wrath is not only  Coeur D’ Alene discount store TARGET, but the Church itself. Glenn states, “our message is the truth, the Church is enabling Target by remaining silent!” Standing alongside the bustling I-95 Interstate, Glenn and fellow protesters, like millions of Americans nationwide, are taking to the streets. Frustration grows as citizens view the Obama administrations habitual dictatorial governance as a dire threat to moral and religious beliefs fervently held by sincere Christians.


Dubious and ever-expanding presidential authority under the Obama administration has infuriated millions of average citizens. The administrations new directive bypasses congress and attempts to rewrite law on restroom policies for public and private employers across the country. “Gender Identification,” not actual biological gender will supersede state policies. This unabridged declaration, a blatant display of imperial over reach, now encroaches into the most intimate of private settings, your wife and child’s restroom, locker room, and shower facilities. TARGET has voluntarily chosen to ally itself with the Obama administration on this volatile “transgender” issue, while casually dismissing potential revenue declines. Loretta Lynch who now heads the Department Of Justice, since the controversial Eric Holder resigned, has once again forced average Americans to acquiesce to President Obama’s radical ideology, under the all to familiar banner of inclusive “equal rights” against “state sponsored discrimination” — or lose billions in federal funding if they do not comply.

target policyTroubled into action, Glenn expressed his disappointment with today’s silent Church on social issues. “The church is more concerned about its 501 tax status, created by Lyndon Johnson than being the Salt and Light of the earth, the Church is the watchmen yet it slumbers,”quipped the impassioned soldier of God. Glenn’s chagrin regarding unequally yoked corporations with religious institutions is a vexing dilemma.

The protesters godly message complete with bullhorns, eye-catching signs, and an abundance of enthusiasm certainly made for an interesting experience. Blaring horns by passing motorists displaying thumbs up support was common, occasional middle finger displays of obvious disagreement were visible as well. Undeterred, Glenn and his fellow protesters will continue voicing opposition in the weeks ahead. The protesters resonated with many Idahoans, but not everyone was agreeable, as this video clearly demonstrates.


Related: Target’s Transgender Bathroom Policy Leads to 10 Crimes Targeting Girls Undressing.

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David Wiley United States Military Veteran. Forged Souls Created - 2016. Political Independent - Affiliation None. Purpose Of Forged Souls Platform : Lending Voice To Controversial Traditional Views.

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