Forged Souls

“Minor-Attracted Disorder”

It has begun; they have come for the children.
First came homosexuality. They said it was just about being left to quietly go about their lives. We gave them that but that wasn’t enough. Then came the attacks on the institution of marriage. Then came the attacks on our sons and daughters in the military. Then came the attacks on groups the Boy Scouts and the Girl Guides. Then onto the band wagon, every other group of sexual deviants who wanted their “rights” and their own special “victim” status climbed aboard. Now come the destroyers of our children.

The mental health community, has begun to create the platform of acceptability for pedophilia and sexual predation. The first step is the creation of “classes” of pedophiles, as if to make one “class” of pedophile a little more acceptable than the others. A sort of grading system for criminal sexual deviance.

Words like “minor-attraction” and “hebephilia” are now being bandied about with a lot of tsk-tsk, tut-tut and chin rubbing from the devotees of that vulgar reptile, Freud.

Welcome to your nightmare…….


This was on the horizon and loomed larger each day for the past 50 years. We ignored it. Each and every one of us allowed ourselves to be talked into acceptance, allowed our arguments to be deflected, to be silenced, to be ignored. Now the time has come to pay the price for our apathetic ignorance.

This will continue exactly the way homosexuality has become “mainstream” and “acceptable.” There will be an attempt to vilify those who object to this searing criminal perversion by coming up with buzzwords and catchy labels like: “Pedo-phobic” and “Pedolove-intolerent.” This will be used in conjunction with the attempts to socially isolate objectors to child molestation by reversing the possession of mental defect and attachment of criminality to the same.

There will be attempts by the pedophiles to walk in the shadow of a protected group as the homosexuals did with the Holocaust. A simple sidelong glance or disparaging remark will suddenly be afforded all the legal protections of a “hate crime,” as if calling an effeminate, mincing man a queer, or a leering pedophile a sicko, is tantamount to the execution and incineration of millions of Jews…. source

Homosexuals admit they are not born gay – many were molested as children or teens

Gay Child Molesters Caught on Tape ~ Hidden Cam ~ Explicit Content


*TORONTO - Former NHL star Theo Fleury is taking aim at Canada's justice system, saying the country's weak penalties for sexual abuse make it a "Disneyland for pedophiles."

*Germany's Green Party leader regrets links with paedophile lobby group to "legalise pedophilia."

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David Wiley United States Military Veteran. Forged Souls Created - 2016. Political Independent - Affiliation None. Purpose Of Forged Souls Platform : Lending Voice To Controversial Traditional Views.

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