Forged Souls


Bob takes on a college professor and her philosophy class in a debate regarding absolutes. Who wins? The students have been taught that nothing is absolutely right or wrong, so Bob asks them if that is absolutely right. And they’ve been taught that they can only know that which their five senses have told them, so Bob asks them which of their five senses told them that.

Is the lack of intellectualism in this college class representative of American higher education? If you want to see the full-length version of this video you can order the DVD or download it now at the Kgov store.

How We Recognise Good & Evil – run time 9:02 seconds


If people are unable to determine the basic fundamentals of absolute right and wrong, is it no surprise people argue morality is “subjective?”

According to the abortion industry’s own experts, medical waste companies such as Stericycle are the abortion industry’s weak link. Stericycle’s collaboration with Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry through its collection, transportation and disposal of aborted children and the instruments used to kill them is well documented. What if Stericycle were to stop doing the dirty work of Planned Parenthood? Planned Parenthood would be unable to dispose of the babies they kill and the murder of millions of innocent children by Planned Parenthood would likely halt.
Contact Stericycle CEO Charles Alutto at (847) 607-2004 or and respectfully request Stericycle sever all agreements with Planned Parenthood to collect, transport and dispose of aborted children and the instruments used to kill them.

Don’t allow Stericycle to get away with the lie that they don’t dispose of aborted babies for Planned Parenthood or other abortion providers. Despite being caught red-handed by the Ohio Attorney General, Selin Hoboy, Vice-President of Legislative and Regulatory Affairs, has said that Stericycle “does not accept fetuses” in accordance to their Regulated Medical Waste Acceptance Policy. This is merely a semantic ploy. According to the policy, Stericycle will not accept “complete human remains,” which includes fetuses. However, babies are not “complete” after being dismembered, decapitated, and disemboweled in standard abortion methods. Their broken parts and torn tissue are categorized by Stericycle as “pathological waste”—defined as “human or animal parts, organs, tissues, and surgical specimens”—which they do accept. So while they may not be picking up intact fetuses, they do accept aborted babies’ fragmented body parts. Stericycle uses this technical exception to justify their continued collaboration in child-killing….

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David Wiley United States Military Veteran. Forged Souls Created - 2016. Political Independent - Affiliation None. Purpose Of Forged Souls Platform : Lending Voice To Controversial Traditional Views.

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