Forged Souls

God and the Death Penalty

Jeffrey Dahmer raped, killed and ate parts of at least thirteen men. As punishment, the government was planning to feed, clothe, educate, medicate, entertain, and legally represent him for the rest of his life in an expensive climate-controlled facility. Families of his victims would pay taxes, in part, to keep Dahmer comfortable, warm in winter and cool in summer.

That type of punishment is supposed to scare and deter other potential mass murderers. Even though Dahmer eventually did truly repent, the New Testament verses below indicate that regardless, he still should have been executed. However, an inmate interrupted the governments plans for Dahmer to have a long life and instead he was beat to death in prison … Kgov article

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David Wiley United States Military Veteran. Forged Souls Created - 2016. Political Independent - Affiliation None. Purpose Of Forged Souls Platform : Lending Voice To Controversial Traditional Views.

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